Ceviche del Cielo restaurant. Instagram feed

Digital-Marketing / Hispanic-Market / Social-Media-Content
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Ceviche del Cielo restaurant. Instagram feed


Instagram feed for Ceviche del Cielo restaurant include photography, videography, Animated GIF, video editing.

Name: Ceviche del Cielo Instagram feed
Client Ceviche del Cielo
Category Social media content
Role Social media content creator, Graphic design, video editor
Tags Social media, Instagram feed, Graphic design, Photo montage,


Advertiser: Ceviche del Cielo restaurant
Project: Social media content
Medium: Instagram feed
Username: @cevichedelcielo22
Date: from Feb 2019 to March 2020
Software: Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Luma Fusion, Spark post, Spark Video, Premiere, Final Cut
Social media content creator: Mark Zuniga
Digital Marketer: Mark Zuniga
Copywriter: Mark Zuniga
Photography: Mark Zuniga
Digital Marketing Agency: Zunigaideas Visual Communication
Agency link: https://www.zunigaideas.com/

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