I’ve participated in initial creative phases to produce new ideas involving me in multi-projects, considering the due date. Developing from a brief, managing teamwork and commissioning specialists if necessary. I’ve been working on campaigns, graphic designs, guidelines, directing photoshoots editing the final results for presentation to the client, according to the brand expectations.


Tasks such as brand identity, brand mark, signature, culture, self-image, naming, tagline, brand values, physique, relationship, reflected consumer, and look and feel imagery, graphic design, logotype, marketing collateral design, trial applications, print ads, package design, merchandising, product design, correspondence, business cards, brochures, flyers, posters, and catalogs.
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I can do tasks in digital marketing, newsletter, e-mail ads, e-mail automation, coupons, surveys, e-mail marketing, social media ads campaign, visual content, Google AdWords campaign, search ads, display ads, video ads, app ads, on Google and YouTube.
I enhance brand content in Amazon products listing and working a fully optimized A+ content manager.
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Photo Retouching includes tasks such as portrait retouching, clipping path photo restoration, photo enhancement), photomontage, and collage.
Video Editing includes green chromakey, storyboarding, scripting, animation, sound FX, exposure correction, color grading, and color correction.
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Web & Mobile App Design

Web Design. Sitemaps, interactive web design, user interface design, assets design, responsive design, image gallery, video integration, social media integration, SEO optimization, custom contact form, blog, information center, and payment processor.

User Interface Design and User Experience Design. Dashboards design, website interaction, wireframes, prototypes, style guides, and sitemaps.

Amazon Seller & Social Media

Enhanced Brand Content in Amazon Seller Central. Products listing and working a fully optimized, A+ content manager. Infographics with a visual representation of information or data, presented through graphics that make it easy for Amazon shoppers, quickly and clearly digest information.

Social media Management. Brand awareness (followers), build relationships (engagement), and increasing website exposure (traffic). Engaging content, visual content, share content, managing posts, comments, hashtag, and direct messaging. Ads for any budget- cost-per-click (CPC), cost-per-impressions (CPM), cost-per-send (CPS) Google analytics.

Photo Production

Photo Production. Mood boards, casting, location scouting, creating and maintaining production schedules, leading the photography team. Creation of the visual style and images in social media, magazines, product packaging, and video.

Photo Retouching. Includes tasks such as green chromakey, portrait retouching (Wedding photo editing), clipping path (Jewelry, product and retouching, photo restoration (Photo enhancement) photomontage, and collage (Background changing).

Photography advertising shots include product shots, action shots, restaurant and menu photography, portrait, interiors, news, entertainment, shot of my staff, and aerial 360º photography.

Video Production

Video Production. Facilitates the production designer’s creative vision for all the locations and sets that eventually give the film its unique visual identity—videos including tutorial, promotional, event videos, cinema-graphs, GIF’s, and short videos.

Video Editing. Includes tasks such as green chromakey, storyboarding, scripting, story-line edit, animation, sound FX, exposure correction, color grading, color correction, audio (Dialogue editing, SFX, and track mixing).

Videography shots. Include corporate videos, commercials, movies, music videography, explainer video services, video conferencing, filmmaking lessons, weddings, and engagement videography.