Raw x ESD cones package

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Raw x ESD cones package


It is a collaboration with Raw Rolling Papers brand to sell Classic cones as an ESD certified online reseller under a Raw x ESD package.
In order to make the package sophisticated and premium looking, one of the most important aspects of the design is how we used the UV printing ultra-violet lights and the gold foil on the packaging for printing.

During the design process, I needed to follow Raw brand guidelines for the 20% while using ESD brand guidelines for the 80%.

Our design shows the ESD brand, the cone image and the size of the cone on the middle to make sure the customers can identify the cone easily.

To ensure that they understand all the sizes of cones we are selling, we show the graphic sizes in millimeters, how many you can hold in grams and its name. By creating each icon, I was able to convey the features of the cone more clearly.
For the background design, I used a wrincled paper to feel organic with a dotted halftone pattern effect with black and gray color to make it look more modern and authentic.
In order to know ESD is committed to reducing, reusing, and recycling materials, ECO Friendly packaging was of the utmost importance to the brand. Therefore, we added a tag that shows this commitment.
ESD distributes Raw products that are repackaged and distributed by ES Distributions.

Name: ESD x RAW packaging collaboration
Client ES Distributions
Category Packaging design
Role Graphic design, Photo retouching, Photo montage
Tags Graphic Design, Photo montage, Packaging design


It is a guarantee that gold foil on the package will not fail in gaining the eyes of the onlookers

Advertiser: ES Distributions
Project: Packaging Design
Website: https://esdofficial.com/
Software: Adobe Illustrator / Adobe Photoshop.
Art Director: Mark Zuniga
Graphic Designer: Mark Zuniga
Copywriter: Jaime Escobar
Photographer: Mark Zuniga
Photographer: Erick Coego

Raw x ESD cones package


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