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Miami Ape Brand Book


The process was to develop a logotype, or brand icon, so that people will be able to identify and remember the brand. The logotype is often the first element of a brand identity that is seen by people, so it must be memorable and effective.

In addition to creating the logotype, I also created a set of brand guidelines. It is important for brands to follow these guidelines when it comes to using colors, fonts, imagery, and other design elements consistently across all brand touchpoints, including social media, website, event collateral, and merchandise.

During the design phase, I focused on creating a brand identity for Miami Ape that was closely tied to the city of Miami. The brand was created to stand out from the crowd by using colorful elements, icons, and photos of local people and places to create a unique and memorable identity. In addition to focusing on education and innovation within the NFT market, the brand aims to spread this information to people of all ages through a variety of platforms.

Name: Miami Ape Brand Book
Client The Miami Ape
Category Brand Identity
Role Graphic design, Branding, Photo retouching, Photo montage
Tags Brand Identity


The Miami Ape Brand Book

Advertiser: The Miami Ape
Project: Brand Identity
Live site:
Art Director: Mark Zuniga
Head of Creative: Mark Zuniga
Retoucher: Mark Zuniga