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ESD logotype


ESD partner with brands to grow their marketplace sales.
ESD Distributions is the company represented by ESD that through a proprietary software and best-in-class strategies offers positioning and search engines to brands. ESDistributions company invests time in obtaining the best positioning for ESD and your brand possible so people can actually find you.

I’m part of the launch logotype. I designed the ESD wordmark. Initially was intended to work with the past logotype but ESD became the official logo.
The idea was created regarding the tagline “Experience Something Different” meaning to continue to learn and keep growing, experiment and challenge ourselves. We wanted to create a global brand that is classy but honest and authentic; something relatable and different. Source: ESD’s brand book
I released the new ESD logotype with a brand book in 2019 year.

Name: ESD. Brand identity
Client ES Distributions
Category Retail
Role Graphic design, Logotype design, Photo retouching, Photo montage
Tags Graphic Design, Brand Identity, Logotype, Collateral Design


For well-established companies, using a symbol, word or letter might be enough as most people will recognize the company just looking at the icon.

Advertiser: ESD Distributions
Project: ESD Logo design
Software: Adobe Illustrator / Adobe Photoshop / Adobe Dimensions / Adobe Lightroom / Adobe Indesign
Head of Art: Mark Zuniga
Art Director: Mark Zuniga
Graphic Designer: Mark Zuniga
Photographer: Mark Zuniga

Raw x ESD cones package


Nutrament label design